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parabo AmyMalik: I got a new old box
parabo it's a N3160 Celeron 4c 2.24ghz OC'd with 4GB RAM
parabo $89.99 CDN used on marketplace
parabo only a 40GB SSD though
not_bob Did dread.i2p die?
not_bob I ask knowing that itdid.
parabo hi not_bob
not_bob What's up?
parabo itsjustme
itsjustme hey parabo :D
itsjustme how are you?
parabo I'm good
parabo setting up my new old PC
parabo I bought a $90 PC
parabo I need to upgrade the RAM from 4gb 800Mhz to 8gb 1600mhz
parabo I already swapped out the SSD, it was 40gb I put 500gb 860 Pro SSD into it
parabo what are you doing?
itsjustme oh nice :D
itsjustme I'm just looking at some code
itsjustme Its not very good code. I made it myself :P
parabo That's okay
itsjustme what are you plans for the old PC?
parabo Just a low end x86 system running Windows 10 Pro
itsjustme ah, just surfing the web and stuff?
parabo It's for a PC
parabo I can run games that I own for x86 Windows only
parabo I only have Mac systems now
parabo so I needed an x86/Windows system
itsjustme ahhh ok
parabo I have some games that you can't run on M2 Mac's even with Windows 11 Arm in Parallels
parabo Old ones
parabo I am also using it as a home server, running dynamic DNS client, and znc in WSL
parabo and i2p
itsjustme I have a windows install aswell. Just another hard drive in my desktop though
itsjustme ah nice
itsjustme I run everything on my rpis :P
itsjustme which I hid in the library
parabo Well, this is better
parabo spycraft
itsjustme they wont find them :P
parabo dr|z3d
dr|z3d sup p
parabo I got a gangster little zotac box
dr|z3d cool beans. what you running on it?
parabo also, i2p+ windows install on win 10, service don't work even if install as admin. work but add an i2p+ service that conflicts with the i2p vanilla one
parabo Windows 10 and Ubuntu in WSL 1
parabo it's my home VPS
parabo I replaced the VPS with a home box that has ddns
dr|z3d you installed i2p first and then attempted to install i2p+ without uninstalling i2p?
dr|z3d you'll have 2 services, either will work, though obviously not both at the same time. disable one.
Ellenor parabo: I didn't know N3160 Celerons could be OC.
parabol Ellenor: Officially, no, but you can force a CPU to stay at max boost. Chinese companies do it all the time.
parabol Windows 10 will even force boost clock until the CPU overrides due to thermal limits or voltage limits, if you enable performance mode on most intel CPU
dr|z3d also, parabo, if you're running WSL permanently, why not run i2p+ from there?
Ellenor *screams in Haswell*
parabol dr|z3d: dr|z3d, because WSL 1 is very slow compared to native or WSL 2
dr|z3d should be fine enough for i2p+
parabol but WSL 2 is too resource intensive for this machine
parabol no it's not
parabol not on this little weak beast
Ellenor Why are you running WNT at all just to run software which runs fine on Unix?
dr|z3d well I don't know why you bother with Windows at all... and what Ellenor said.
Ellenor WNT ain't bad, but it's quite heavy on weak hardware, and I'm also unfamiliar w/it.
Ellenor I wonder if i2p+ would run on ReactOS.
parabol I have legacy games I want to run
dr|z3d more a question of whether java runs well enough.
dr|z3d if it runs a full featured jdk, should be able to run i2p+
Ellenor I think React targets compatibility with circa. WNT 5.1, so quite old
Ellenor but I do believe it'll run an older JRE
dr|z3d 1.8 or later and you might be ok.
dr|z3d anyways, parabol, ditch that windows crap on what is a server box and run xubuntu headlessly for the most part.
dr|z3d instead of the OS requiring ~1GB to function, it'll run fine with 256M for the headless OS and then you've got plenty of free ram to play with.
Ellenor xubuntu is an inferior server OS. even Windows is better at that juncture.
dr|z3d hogwash.
Ellenor but yeah, seriously consider React, *if* it'll run the current JRE and your other apps, since I know you like the workings of WNT
dr|z3d xubuntu headlessly is essentially just ubuntu with the *option* to run XFCE if you need a UI.
Ellenor so, ubuntu server with X11 on the hard disk
Ellenor it's still Ubuntu. Even Windows is better nowadays.
dr|z3d *yawn* carry on talking out your ass.
Ellenor I miss the Ubuntu of old, but it's a corporate distro from day 1; everything was bound to go to pot.
Ellenor what the fuck is a "snap"?
rambler dr|z3d loves snaps
Ellenor in the realm of Linux, consider Alpine.
dr|z3d fuck off rambler! :P
dr|z3d snaps are the devil's spawn. nasty.
dr|z3d you, on the other hand, love snaps.
parabol yeah, got every game but 2 running on either my MacBook or my Zotac MiniPC
Ellenor I'm referring to the Ubuntu package manager for things that move faster than apt can
parabol and those 2, one does run, about 15fps, just not enough to have a good experience but playable. the other too graphics intensive for a 400 HD iGPU
parabol and I think it needs 8gb RAM
parabol Sweet
parabol dr|z3d: sweet
Ellenor it needs a radeon
rambler Sometimes I'm lazy and do certbot via a snap
Ellenor also dr|z3d, parabol is a windows sysinternals guy, he *knows the ropes* with windows. he can probably crush its memory use below even Ubuntu's
parabol Windows 8.1 I can
parabol Windows 10 I can't
parabol Windows 8.1 still gets security fixes high priority
parabol It can be made to look like Windows 7 except the start menu is the old windows 8 metro main UI
rambler I got a laptop coming later this week. Ships with Windows, of course. I may try to take Windows for a drive for the first time since XP sp3
rambler Any must haves to make it not horrible?
Ellenor I should get a copy of WNT 10 and see if I can't make it use less than 500MB of RAM at flight idle.
rambler Don't they have a Windows for ARM devices now? I don't really pay attention to Windows news but I'm fairly certain they have a version shipped for low memory profile ARM devices and stuff
rambler Hell yeah, bookmarked.
rambler I'll probably try it for a day or two then just plop Debian 11 on it like the rest of my devices
rambler I'll take a gander
rambler Can I get Kazaa and Comet Cursor still?
dr|z3d removes all the win10 start menu bloat.
dr|z3d anything you like, as long as it's red.
dr|z3d garbage in, garbage out. :)
Ellenor maybe replace the Explorer with that of ReactOS
dr|z3d definitely *not* the reactos file manager.
rambler What's a good text editor that isn't going to have fucking adds and popups wanting me to pay for a license and stuff?
rambler I can't remember what I used, but some years ago I got a new desktop and it shipped with Windows and I tried some text editor and it had FN ads and annoying FREE TRIAL popups. I think that is what made me just nope out and just stick to trusty ol' Linux
dr|z3d notepad++
dr|z3d if you want a fully featured IDE, VS Code.
dr|z3d (with the telemetry disabled, obviously)
dr|z3d notepad++ is your man.
rambler Oh I bet my at-home adguard will have a blast blocking idle Windows requests
rambler I'll have to chart some before/after blocking stats
rambler "My network with idle Linux devices vs My network with an idle Windows device"
dr|z3d still behaving nicely, that blue box of joy, rambler? :)
rambler Yeah, was just about to comment on that. I about trip over the ethernet cord daily since it's still a sloppy install
rambler But yeah, no issues. Working fine.
dr|z3d great. should be stable as you like. I had 100 days of uptime on mine before I decided I wanted to reboot it.
rambler I've learned that my "temporary" installs quickly become permanent. My Starlink dish is still "Temporarily" mounted with the cable "temporarily" routed through a window.
rambler Just haven't been in a hurry to crawl on top my roof and drill holes in the side of my house lol
dr|z3d no rush!
rambler Lets see..
Ellenor larstink
Ellenor not an IDE but
rambler Uptime135d 2h 20m 13s
rambler Load Average0.00, 0.00, 0.00
dr|z3d nice, nice.
dr|z3d yeah, you have to work hard to give it something to do.
dr|z3d running Tor on it? webserver?
dr|z3d dunno if they managed to get i2pd back in the repos, but that runs fine on it.
rambler Nah, nothing special. Anything extra I need I can run at the client side. May make more sense once I get more devices online in my house but even my RPIs are unplugged and not doing anything
rambler I may toss LibreNMS or something on a device just to collect long term network stats or something, though.
dr|z3d vnstat might be what you want.
dr|z3d host the graphs on a lighttpd or nginx instance for extra points, though they may present in the UI anyways.
dr|z3d some of the monitoring stuff can bloat the device, so be careful.
rambler Yeah, it has some basic graphing already but it's limited to a short period... let me login real quick
rambler Yeah, just a five minute preview window with no historical logging
rambler But that's fine for what it is.
parabo Windows10FirewallControl, isolates and white/black/grey lists programs and services and processes, not only does it block the connection... I mean it doesn't do that, it disables the processes ability to initallize a socket, including the kernel
dr|z3d try vnstat, it has LUCI support.
dr|z3d it's also lightweight. runs on linuxfarm.i2p/stats.html if you want to check what it does.
parabo Also, Little Snitch does similar for MacOS, less selective/tweakable
parabol got one of the two games I couldn't run, running
RN what games are those?
parabol Valheim and Chivalry 2
RN k.
parabol I got Valheim running with some Intel HD Graphics Control Panel 3d setting overrides
RN think the last game I installed and played was half life 2
RN or
RN harry potter?
parabol Recently?
dr|z3d stick to minehunt, you'll be fine, parabol
RN didn't pass the first level in harry potter so don't think it counts
dr|z3d or solitaire at a push.
RN yes parabol I havent plauyed a geme in a while... where is portal on that time line?
RN right now, my daily driver laptop is takng a shit
Ellenor am doggo :3
Ellenor how's it be, rn?
RN akward on this keyboard. my lappy is not usable right now
RN doing my thing on...
Ellenor I'm sorry
RN an ipad doing vnc to my otherbox
RN so kb sucks... even bluteooth kb is not as big as I am uesd to if you just removed the num-pad
Ellenor ahhh...
parabol I love iPad
RN but...
parabol You should get a dock for it RN
RN that didn't stop me
Ellenor RN is bronk
parabol So am I
Ellenor (i.e. broke)
RN parabol, I don't think docks were a thing when this laptop was new
parabol the iPad RN
parabol get a dock for the iPad
parabol with a keyboard and touchpad
RN oh, it is working fine with power connected
parabol but you were complaining about typing on it
RN it is giving me a vnc connection to a kde session I can do i2p stuff in
RN like get on my znc and be here
parabol I see
parabol sounds complicated
RN yeah, the ipad does onscreen kb
RN unless you connect a blute toothes one
Ellenor docks are no longer a thing
RN and the bt kb I have is better than nothing, but
RN at least I am here
RN lol Ell
RN at least I know I'm not cut off if my main thing goes crashy-crashy
Ellenor mrrrew
RN but I had to adapt quickly
RN and I shut it back down till I have a reason to run it
RN nobody likes hard drive rot
RN weather it is spinning platters, or solid state stuff
RN drives go bad
RN just glad I had some stuff backed up, and another chance to get evertthing else
parabol I am going to order a USB SNES controller
parabol and put an SNES emulator on this PC
Ellenor disk rot
Ellenor should I resilver every quarter?
RN I should make an SNES out of my arduino
RN wow Ellenor, that is quite a turn of phrase
RN never heard that bevore about resilvering a quarter
RN *f
Ellenor resilver my hard disk, every quarter yoar
rambler I'm guilty lol
rambler "It works"
dr|z3d we know you're guilty, rambler. of many things :)
dr|z3d funny meme.
rambler I plead the fifth
dr|z3d Beethoven's?
rambler I'll be back later
RN lol
parabo RN: I need SNES controller
parabo I get paid on Friday
parabo I think it's actually cheaper and more ergonomic and sensible to buy a wireless gamepad with similar buttons
parabo maybe a joystick or two
parabo I am selling a iPhone and a tablet on craigslist too, they could sell any day
RN I haz a wii with some controllersz
Ellenor parabol, ZFS
parabol What about ZFS?
Ellenor I use it.
RN gesundheight
RN lag
Ellenor *** pats rn ***
RN good to see y'all
RN dunno whassup with my connection
parabo RN: your connection has AIDS
parabo LimeChat is a good IRC client
Ellenor parabo, Limechat won't work on some OSesL
RN huh?
parabo LimeChat has a WebKit Applet for MacOS
RN is it shitting the bed?
parabo no it's a good IRC client
RN I'm on hexchat on bsd over i2p over vnc over easy
RN or something like that, so a little lag
RN but is it showng me dropping connection more than normal?
RN like just there?
RN I think my bouncer is acting up
parabo it looks like you're stable from here
RN unless you are gasslighting me, then I don't think anything, nothing at all
RN ok
RN thx
RN hate this small kb
parabo I love small keyboards
RN I am used to a full size with numpad and f keys
RN my old fingers dont like to be cramped on the tiny bluetooth kb
parabo I have a 13.6" MacBook Ai
parabo keyboard is pretty decent
parabo I liked the size and weight of my Surface Go 2
RN I'm making it work, so F.U. to the randomness that tried to move into my hard drive
RN this is why we need more than one storage place
RN and thanks to all that sent me enough happy thoughts to get the darn thing to boot one more time so I could copy stuff off
parabo my PC cost 89.99 CDN RN
parabo $66.21 USD
RN so parabo I'm using an ipad
RN 8th generation, I think
RN with a bluetooth kb
RN dont really find much use for the pencil though
parabo you can write with the apple pencil in text input zones
parabo and it turns to text
parabo I used it with AutoDesk and AutoCAD at work at Amazon, and I use it on Photoshop, for doodles... it's handy but it's an accessory you don't need it
parabo it's good with engineering and digital artist apps
RN yeah, never found anything useful to do with it
RN but I have it
RN all the good art apps are paid
RN maybe if the batteries died in this tiny keyboard I might use it to put test in, but the on screen kb still pops up on the ipad
RN *text*
parabo I have Midjourney AI, and PhotoShop
RN what is midjourney ai?
dr|z3d OMG RN!
RN lol
dr|z3d WTF RN?
parabo It's the best AI art generator
RN ah
RN I've only been playint with dali/craiyon
parabo Midjourney is a corporate entity that started as a club founded by Turing
RN didn't wanna sign up for anything
RN the original?
parabo I believe Midjourney is doing what they did in WestWorld. They aren't selling a service they are collecting data on what people produce and what they like
RN Alan?
parabo Alan Turing founded the Midjourney research group to develop state of the art technologies and experiment and develop in frontier fields
RN he was booty call with Nicola Tessla
RN tessla and turing sitting in a tree...
dr|z3d did you have something to share, RN?
RN If you didn't watcht the movie, I think [doctor strange guy] did a great job in that role
RN why can't I think of his name
RN dr|z3d, did you see that movie? the recent one?
RN codebreakers?
dr|z3d Cumberbatch?
RN not sure what it was called,
RN yes!
RN Benedict did a great job in that movie
dr|z3d saw it.
RN your thoughts?
dr|z3d not bad.
RN as I did not know Turing, I respect Cuberbatch's portrayal.
RN plus I am a fan of Doctor Strange
RN is there a theme here Dr?
RN OMG... is it true! He voiced Smog?
RN did not know that
Ellenor gah, can't crunch large volumes of friend requests efficiently in gajim
Ellenor what I need is a separate queue window where I can just select the entries and mass deny/block/spam/accept them
Ellenor (I would be blocking thme all, obviously; I am not a moron)
RN dr|z3d, if i ever meet you in prson, you better live up to my expectation that you look like bendict cumberbatcha and have so much money banks cant keep trck of it
RN lol
RN hey Ellenor
RN i saw oa
RN but not oe
RN similar shows?
RN girl! i need sylabylls!
Ellenor *** feeds rn poison ***
parabo I have 25gb free space on my MacBook
RN i'm typing on a tiny keybard, yo can at lest give me better than a three character average
RN fill it with videos of leon the lobster
RN actually... fun to watch
RN is it leon?
parabo that's just my free space to play with
RN buty you all know... that lobster saved from the table
RN yeah parabo. i'm just a bit touchy about storage recently
RN what with my laptop trying to die and shit
RN got solutions on the wat
RN way
RN but wow, i am so spoiled abut keyboards
parabo I can work with anything keyboard wise
RN i'm adapting
RN obvisousely
RN jbut not gonna be qiet about ti
RN ut
RN it
RN pffft
RN see?
RN lol
Ellenor Someone needs to buy RN a unicomp.
parabo hi firstupyo
Ellenor 07:21:15 < firstupyo> Hi Ellenor!
Ellenor 07:21:16 < firstupyo> I was wondering what it takes to achieve +V in saltr channel?
Ellenor I responded 07:21:55 < Ellenor> respond helpfully to things in channel by PM to dr|z3d
RN Ellenor, ar you going to pedal the biccyle to power that puter?
Ellenor unicomp is a keyboard brand
Ellenor I type on a unicomp
RN oh
dr|z3d * parabo gives voice to firstupyo
firstupyo Thanks, I2P Team! :)
Ellenor possibly not an IRC noob and wants it made auto
firstupyo Naw I've been around the block for a while here in Internet Relay Chat and in the Invisible internet project. Felt like it's time to maybe get more involved somehow.
dr|z3d ok, latest /dev/ build up.
dr|z3d plenty of sidebar refresh/toggle enhancements.
dr|z3d Blinded message
dr|z3d this one should really nail the bugs to the wall.
dr|z3d (... mostly ...)
dr|z3d new build up. *sigh* javascript is a nuisance.
dr|z3d salutations, NarratorZ!
parabo dr|z3d
dr|z3d sup p
albat hey :3
parabo dr|z3d: I have a stiff neck
parabo hey albat
parabo what are you up to?
dr|z3d I can relate, parabo
albat nothing much
dr|z3d you seen the screenshot I posted earlier?
parabo I didn't
parabo dr|z3d: I am waiting till January, my chiropractic insurance renews
dr|z3d well, take it easy in the meantime. no sudden movements.
parabo nice dr|z3d
parabo looks sexy
dr|z3d thanks, parabo. getting there.
parabo dr|z3d: you working on it now?
dr|z3d I am.
parabo This song sounds horrible dr|z3d
parabo I'm working on an Opera rendition of Country Roads
dr|z3d turn it off then.
parabo lol it was me singing
dr|z3d sounds terrible.
parabo I emailed Minniva
parabo I told her I want a sing a long Phantom of the Opera track
parabo because her covers she does both voices
dr|z3d why stop there. you and cher are destined to do a show in vegas.
dr|z3d don't be coy.
parabo I have hopes to sing at weddings and other such small private events
parabo But I am working on my sound
dr|z3d aim higher. you could sing for laughs at funerals.
parabo dr|z3d: the point is to aim somewhere realistic
parabo I do not have the voice of a professional singer, it appeals to many but not most
dr|z3d I like your confidence. you'll do well I'm sure.
parabo The most important thing is I have fun
parabo I do it because it's fun
parabo like I want her to record the Phantom of the Opera track she did but leave the male voice blank
snowflakes website for write a message for Ded Moroz(Santa Claus or Krampus, for now not exist english version, but later maybe.)
parabo I am PARABO!
parabo albat: PAPILLIOM
RN hey Papi!!!
RN ;)
parabo itsjustme_
albat PAPILLION!!!
itsjustme Hey parabo and albat :)
albat :3 :3
albat goin' to sleep :)
albat see you tomorrow?
itsjustme See ya :)
albat bye dudes
parabo probably
parabo bye albat
parabo what you up to itsjustme?