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zzz good morning orignal, plot twist! unexpected test results!
zzz disabled sending termination with reason 1, ran for 90 minutes
zzz number of first-sent termination reason 2 received: 1321
zzz number of retransmitted termination reason 2 received: ZERO !!
zzz so you're not retransmitting terminations
zzz and you are sending termination reason 2 in response to termination reason 1
zzz please investigate ))
orignal is it reproducable?
orignal I mean were you able to send 1 and get 2? or it's just one time?
orignal you din't send termination 1 but still sent Ack I guess
zzz when I send 1 I get 2, from a sample it appears it's only i2pd that does it, I get it from a lot of i2pd routers
zzz but I can't say it happens every time
zzz I'm confused why you think you're retransmitting termination 2 but you aren't at all.
zzz but maybe getting a termination 1 "triggers" a termination 2 "retransmission" ?
orignal I do. It depends on timing
orignal maybe
orignal let me check
zzz I'm saying you don't. I'm waiting 2 minutes for a retransmission after I get the first termination, never got a second one
orignal but what's a problem with it?
orignal you ddon't get second one because I have recdeived Ack for first
orignal I resend when I didn't receive Ack
orignal termination is ordinary Data msg
zzz this is in my test, proposed yesterday, where I commented out sending a termination reason 1
orignal yes I know
zzz are you sending an ack block and sending the termination block with it? we should not treat termination reason 1 as "ack-eliciting" or else we'll never stop back-and-forth
zzz spec says termination block is not ack-eliciting no matter what reason
orignal let me check
orignal I see the problem
orignal I send 2 every time I receive a new packet from peer
orignal wll fix
dr|z3d chalk it up as the Xmas release, orignal. free packets for everyone!
zzz great, thanks very much orignal
zzz with that out of the way, I'm going to start cleaning up and checking in my post-termination handler
orignal basially what happenes
orignal I send termination but I receive something back (your termination)
orignal I assume my termination was not received and try again
orignal that's worng ofc
zzz yup, glad we figured it out
zzz ok I have most of my post-termination handler checked in. The only thing I'm not doing yet is retransmitting terminatino
zzz if i had a nickel for every time I typed terminatino...