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exokinetic heya devs :D
exokinetic got another crash report for your
exokinetic wow, after restarting the router because of this latest crash
exokinetic the torrent I have been downloading for the past couple days
exokinetic that has been average 10-30KBps download...
exokinetic is now getting 250-300 KBps download
exokinetic and router is only up for 8 minutes so far
exokinetic interesting, I have restarted the torrent client (biglyBT) many times over the past few days to try to improve speeds, but never tried restarting the i2pd router
exokinetic this crash was with i2pd built from source as of: Jan7 "fixed race condition" commit
exokinetic I am not sure if this is related to the crash I just reported, but I have some behavior to report:
exokinetic If I start i2pd after initial installation, without editing the default tunnels.conf (so I only have the "default" client tunnels that come with every i2pd install)
exokinetic Blinded message
exokinetic my web console page will report ~50 client tunnels
exokinetic If I start biglyBT (using my i2pd router by proxy) and start 1x torrent download with ~30 peers:
exokinetic I will quickly go up to ~150 client tunnels
exokinetic I have biglyBT set up for 1 hop tunnels, quantity of 6
exokinetic this makes sense, average 6 tunnels each for ~20 peers is going to net me an extra ~120ish client tunnels
exokinetic what is odd;
exokinetic the longer I leave this ONE torrent running
exokinetic the more client tunnels I will have reported on my web console page
exokinetic and if I go to local destinations tab, I will see many entries for BiglyBT PureDHT
exokinetic as the client tunnels numbers gets larger, so does this list of biglybt local destinations
exokinetic even through I am still connected to an average of 20-30 peers on ONE single torrent download
exokinetic I have seen this number go up as high as 10,000 client tunnels
exokinetic this seems a bit absurd
exokinetic yes, that is not a typo
exokinetic I should have taken a sceenshot
exokinetic 10,000 client tunnels
exokinetic it seems to me, as biglybt client tunnels reach their 10 minute expiration date and 'expire', new ones are built (obviously)
exokinetic but, the expired tunnels are still being 'held onto' in some fashion
exokinetic this behavior seems to correlate with reduced download speeds
exokinetic i.e. when I first start biglyBT, I will have the best download speed for a given torrent, then, over time, as the client tunnels number reported on i2pd web console goes up and up
exokinetic the average download speed will go down and down
exokinetic exiting biglyBT and waiting for 10 minutes will clear all the extra client tunnels
exokinetic which seems to suggest it is biglyBT which is "holding onto" these expired tunnels
exokinetic a restart of biglyBT after allowing 10 minutes for all the expired tunnels to clear out will improve download speeds everytime
exokinetic (it is interesting to note that the restart of the i2pd router itself has improved download speeds significantly)
exokinetic I can not stay connected to irc.ilita.i2p at all right now...
exokinetic well, would you looks at that... 3,600 client tunnels....
Sarotar 110 tunnels, only yggdrasil
khb_ emm
orignal what do you need 3600 client tunnels for?
exokinetic its biglybt
khb_ i only have 20
khb_ still stable
exokinetic it wont clear out expired client tunnels
exokinetic the longer I let biglybt run, the more client tunnels pile up
exokinetic I just shut down biglyBT....
exokinetic in about 10 minutes I will be back down to 50 client tunnels
Sarotar I check yggdrasil activity, something not very many nodes
orignal basically i2cp
exokinetic and I bet my i2pd connection will stabilize again
orignal how many destinations?
orignal I still don't understand where 3600 client tunnels might come from
orignal it means at least few hundreds destination
exokinetic I have not counted yet, but under the local destinations tab, there is a HUGE list of entries for biglyBT PureDHT
orignal HidUser0 ты не знаешь почему это?
orignal ты же вроде пробовал его
Sarotar purple magic tricks
orignal I might need to take a look a i2cp
orignal maybe there is a bug in my code
exokinetic I dont suppose you have had a chance to look this over:
exokinetic core dump from a router crash last night
orignal strange
orignal I will take a look
orignal seems I2CP dest
exokinetic exokinetic> I just shut down biglyBT.... (8:52)
exokinetic and now I am back down to 60 client tunnels
orignal I will take a look
orignal honestly i2cp is not the best thing in i2pd
exokinetic whats the 'best' solution for torrenting in i2pd?
orignal it uses SAM
exokinetic copy that
orignal copy what?
exokinetic sorry, american radio operator language
exokinetic copy that = 'understood'
orignal also transmission-i2p uses BOB
orignal should also work
exokinetic thanks! definitely going to try some differnent options
exokinetic going to give XD a shot here first...
orignal also try i2psnark
orignal if it produces the same wierd behaviour as Vuze
exokinetic okay, I will test that too
zzz so the count keeps going up gradually?
exokinetic try to see if its i2cp itself or how biglyBT is using i2cp
exokinetic zzz> so the count keeps going up gradually? correct
exokinetic it just steadily rises over time, the longer I allow (in this case) BiglyBT to run
zzz your guess that it's not expiring old tunnels is my guess also...
orignal looks like Vuze keeps creating new local destination
orignal we need to check number of local destinations
zzz it shouldn't, of course
orignal tunnels in a destination don't depend on I2CP
exokinetic original> looks like Vuze keeps creating new local destination -exactly so
orignal it's beyond of it's control
exokinetic when I FIST start biglyBT
zzz I think it makes two dests - one for in-net and one for relaying to clearnet
exokinetic I will have TWO local destinations for BiglyBT
orignal exokinetic the question is why it does it
exokinetic one PreDHT and one PureDHT+
exokinetic it would seem that the tunnels creations/ expiriation should happen within those two destinations
zzz two is fine, but those two should stay the same
exokinetic but for some reason, after about 10 minutes, 2 MORE biglybt local destination will pop up
exokinetic same .b32 address as the first two
exokinetic so its not creating new addresses for the new locations
zzz hmm
exokinetic a few times I have randomly clicked into a few of these destinations when I had a list that was like 50+ long
orignal same address?
orignal where do you see it?
exokinetic there are two unique addresses
exokinetic one fore PureDHT, one for PureDHT+
exokinetic rpeated over and over and over
orignal what do you see in Local Destinations?
exokinetic I will see tunnels listed that appear to be in an 'established' state
exokinetic like, I wanted to see if a whole bunch of them were fulll of expired tunnels
exokinetic but it seems like it "thinks" the tunnels are still active
exokinetic each one will have 6 inbound and 6 outbound tunnels listed
exokinetic at about a 70% success rate
exokinetic there are tunnels that will be listed as expired' and a few listed as 'failed'
exokinetic but mostly green established
exokinetic (I have biglyBT set to for hops = 1 and quantity = 6 under i2p tunnels)
orignal again
orignal how many do you see in Local Destinations
exokinetic okay, I just started biglybt again
exokinetic uptime for about 60 seconds right now
exokinetic and I have two local destinations
orignal maybe there are under I2CP list
exokinetic the biglyBT PureDHT entries are -all- under the heading:
exokinetic 'I2CP Local Destinations:'
exokinetic I have 3 local destination at the very top, that are -ABOVE- the i2cp header
exokinetic this is how it looks after INITIAL startup of BiglyBT
exokinetic give it a few more minutes and I will send another screenshot with what it looks like as 'more' of these start to populate
HidUser0 orignal: не было такого
orignal с Vuze?
exokinetic and the first 'extra' BiglyBT PureDHT local destination has popped up
exokinetic here are what those two 'PureDHT' entires look like when you click in to them:
exokinetic 45 minutes in, and the first 'extra' PureDHT+ local destination has popped up;
exokinetic currently 121 client tunnels reported web console main page
WayBest и снова я с i2pd.service: Main process exited, code=killed, status=11/SEGV
HidUser0 orignal: с BiglyBT
orignal exokinetic 121 client tunnels is fine
WayBest в этот раз арч, интел атом, 7-8 часов аптайма
exokinetic orignal> exokinetic 121 client tunnels is fine -agreed, give it a few hours
exokinetic the third 'extra' PureDHT local destination just popped up
exokinetic now 150 client tunnels
WayBest exokinetic: check in i2pd plugin auto adjust tunnels option
WayBest in biglybt settings
WayBest R4SAS: а где для арча взять отладочные символы?
exokinetic 'Automatically adjust tunnel quantities based on load' ...?
exokinetic I have tried with that checked and with that unchecked
exokinetic same behavior
HidUser0 exokinetic: are you rebooting BiglyBT?
WayBest uncheck and restart biglybt
exokinetic HidUser0> exokinetic: are you rebooting BiglyBT? ...yes, I reboot bigly after making settings changes (generally)
exokinetic WayBest> uncheck and restart biglybt
exokinetic okay, will do
WayBest and tunnels >6?
exokinetic I might as well get good positive confirmation that it still exhibits the behavior with that box checked or unchecked
exokinetic <WayBest> and tunnels >6? (are you asking why I have the tunnels set to quantity = 6, or are you suggesting to set it higher than that?)
WayBest I meant something else. Whether more tunnels appear than indicated.
exokinetic here is an example:
exokinetic 6 inbound and 6 outbound tunnels listed as 'established' in that PureDHT local destination
HidUser0 so what's the problem?
exokinetic so, it appears, within a given 'local destination' the appropriate amount of tunnels are created (at least, the number I set)
exokinetic the problem is, in about 3 hours from now, there will be ~30 of those local destinations listed
exokinetic and my client tunnels will have grown to something like 500-600
exokinetic and the longer I let it run
exokinetic the bigger it grows
exokinetic I have had 10,000 client tunnels with biglyBT running for a few days
exokinetic and the list of "local destinations" is like 100 entries long
HidUser0 do you mean that i2pd does not clear i2cp sessions?
exokinetic all those same two .b32 addresses
exokinetic HidUser0> do you mean that i2pd does not clear i2cp sessions -correct
HidUser0 I once had a similar situation. but lately everything is fine
WayBest orignal: такое уже было кстати давно
HidUser0 strange
orignal так надо разбираться же
WayBest А разве у сессий нет таймаутов?
HidUser0 exokinetic: i2pd version?
exokinetic and; as the number of client tunnels grows, the P2P torrenting throughput starts going down
orignal должно быть
orignal но надо посмотреть как они закрываются
WayBest Ещё кстати замечал если бигл падает, то туннели тоже остаются
orignal ну так I2CP так работает
orignal это же не сэм
exokinetic i2pd 2.40.0, built from source, downloaded source files on Jan 8th, right after this commit:
WayBest А с моим дампом что делать?
WayBest Не могу найти отладочные для арча
WayBest Чтобы побольше инфы было
HidUser0 R4SAS: есть на арче отладочные символы?
WayBest Я в репах и на ауре не нашел
HidUser0 exokinetic: this is strange, orignal will try to deal with it
exokinetic thank you everyone!
exokinetic I will offer what assistance I can with debug reports :D
exokinetic by the way....
HidUser0 orignal:
WayBest Лось, тебе не нужен донат?))))
orignal всегда нужен
orignal exokinetic whatever you have
exokinetic soooo, I am like amish when it comes to crypto currency
exokinetic I like cash :D
exokinetic it looks like I have some coinsource btc atms around me
exokinetic and counsrouce will let me create an account for use with their atms
exokinetic and I can deposit cash into anyones btc wallet address once I have a coinsource atm account
exokinetic so, the third extra PureDHT+ entry just popped up, and is exhibiting a behavior I wanted to share;
exokinetic here is a screenshot of what its page looks like:
reg всем ку! подскажите, в i2p есть живые сервера fediverse?
orignal че то было такое
reg есть что-то мёртвое со словом diaspora
reg и со словом mastodon
reg и самому поднять можно, непонятно только как подружить свой сервер с внешним миром. разве что через общественный outproxy...
orignal Кайзер-Созе ты вроде что то пробовал
HidUser0 exokinetic: 6 connected, 1 expiring tunnel
R4SAS WayBest: спори рачеводов
WayBest Ну а сорцы есть отладочного пакета?
WayBest Dbgsym который
R4SAS WayBest: еще раз - спроси рачеводов
R4SAS я не юзаю его
WayBest А откуда для убунты ты брал символы?
WayBest Кто-то же пакет с символами для убунты собирает
R4SAS он собирается автоматически с помощью debuild
R4SAS на launchpad
Кайзер-Созе reg : да... говорят что то есть такое, но я не в курсе
Кайзер-Созе reg : Былинника спроси если он будет
orignal лол
Кайзер-Созе он пошел в магаз мне так сказал. в последнее время гонит конкретно этот Былинник
R4SAS orignal: я думаю не нужно больше mtproxy пока что
R4SAS ибо и так мало народа
R4SAS и этих 4х нод должно хватать на тысячи
orignal а если фрицы ломанутся?
R4SAS tckb
R4SAS если
R4SAS я могу еще 2 поднять
R4SAS благо есть где
Lan мой mtproxy работает ещё или сдох?)
orignal посмотрим
orignal у фрицов нацисткое правительство реально на говно исходит
orignal вроде туркмен ходит через него
Lan окей)
Lan нужно обновить будет i2pd
orignal давно пора
orignal 2.40 отлтично работает
Lan Да, Лось, спасибо тебе за это!
orignal даже в openwrt добавили
Lan круть)
reg а почему никто не сделает стабильный поисковый сайт для i2p? вроде каталог сайтов есть, запускай краулера и всё?
reg или потребности нет
orignal legwork.i2p
reg хост из даун
orignal японец видать сдох
Кайзер-Созе а смысл; краулер иметь ?
Кайзер-Созе или ты уверен что он будет не лазить там где тобот файл не хочет ?
HidUser0 ложная тревога
HidUser0 legwork работает
HidUser0 как всегда быстро открывается
WayBest Ммм беды с книжкой
orignal ага работает
reg о, спасибо! и правда открылся
reg ну с поиском как-то живётся интереснее. я тут читал про fediverse и задумался, почему в клирнете ещё не появилось комьюнити серч движков
reg гугл бесит своими фильтрами.
reg точнее федерация серч движков. удобно же - распределённый поиск, правда немного медленный
HidUser0 >почему в клирнете ещё не появилось комьюнити серч движков
HidUser0 reg: ну вот YaCy это оно и есть
exokinetic HidUser0> exokinetic: 6 connected, 1 expiring tunnel >exactly so, inside of each one of the PureDHT entries, the 6 inbound/ outbound tunnels "seem" to behave appropriately, established > expiring > failed > established
exokinetic here is my local destinations page after 3 hours now
exokinetic Client Tunnels: 355
orignal exokinetic thanks
exokinetic look at what one of those local destinations looks like
orignal I will take a look
orignal shouldn't be duplicates
exokinetic 0 lease sets
exokinetic 0 tags incomming or outgoing
exokinetic seems weird right?
exokinetic I mean, obviously its weird, its a duplicate...
orignal I need to investigate where they come from
exokinetic at the beggining, even the duplicates will have a lot of lease sets, and will have plenty of ingoing and outgoing tags
exokinetic and a listing at the bottom labeled:
exokinetic ECIESx25519
exokinetic but as time goes on, all those values fall to zero
orignal probably I need to add the code that cleanup dead sessions
exokinetic thank you for being so responsive to working through issues!
exokinetic interestingly, biglyBT still has 'some' througput
exokinetic averaging 10KBps right now
exokinetic this WILL eventually effect my entire i2pd network experience
exokinetic last night, my router crashed at midnight (that was the core dump file paste I shared)
exokinetic so, obviously, I restated it, and connected to irc...
exokinetic I can see in the timestamps here
exokinetic I started disconnecting from irc
HidUser0 <exokinetic> interestingly, biglyBT still has 'some' througput
HidUser0 maybe dht
exokinetic disconnect and reconnect every ~15-30 minutes
orignal need to remeber
exokinetic <HidUser0> maybe dht -I think you are correct
exokinetic right now its tellimg me tracker status = OK
exokinetic but a lot of times when this is happening I will see tracker status = DHT only
exokinetic exokinetic> I started disconnecting from irc -so, once "too many" client tunnels pile up, it starts effecting general i2pd network perfornace/ connectability
HidUser0 I think you're right
HidUser0 It's strange that I didn't notice such a problem
HidUser0 is your i2p router on a local machine or on a local network?
HidUser0 if in a local network, it is possible that this is due to communication interruptions
exokinetic local network
exokinetic operating over LAN
exokinetic basic unmanaged switch between the two devices
exokinetic I usually ALSO have open ssh sessions
exokinetic between the i2pd router and the client device (laptop)
orignal question to zzz
HidUser0 exokinetic: wifi?
exokinetic HTOP runs as an ssh session at all times i2pd is running
exokinetic and I these dont drop out
exokinetic hmm, yes, to wifi
HidUser0 [01:30:28] <exokinetic> HTOP runs as an ssh session at all times i2pd is running
exokinetic laptop is wifi (Ruckus R600 - 802.11AC Wave 1)
orignal when we receive CreateSession message
HidUser0 ssh session will not disappear, even if you reconnected wifi
orignal with new id but same I2P address what we do?
HidUser0 ssh session is very stable
orignal according to my current code
orignal I don't care if such address already exists
orignal but I believe it's wrong
HidUser0 exokinetic: try reconnecting to wi fi right now and the session will be restored after a few seconds
exokinetic for reference, I have been working on wifi here, with the new Ruckus R600 AP's, I have fixed all VoIP issues I was having with wifi
HidUser0 orignal: короче из-за обрывов связи сессии множатся
exokinetic so I doubt I am having wifi disconnects
exokinetic given how intollerant VoIP is of that
orignal HidUser0 да
orignal именно так
exokinetic HudUser0> ...the session will be restored after a few seconds -ahha, gotcha
orignal но мне нужен ответ от zzz как мне эту ситуация отрабатывать
orignal exokinetic it's clear now
orignal why it happens
orignal no the question is what to do
exokinetic awesome
exokinetic moving forward :)
HidUser0 exokinetic: my ssh session can be saved for minutes while offline
HidUser0 and then recover
HidUser0 perhaps ssh clients of linux and windows are different
exokinetic HidUser0> interesting, when I kill my LAN connection (reboot the unmanaged switch between the two for example) the ssh session will kick out
exokinetic (i2pd router on linux box, client device is a windows laptop
orignal let's wait
orignal HidUser0 при обрыве должно закрываться
orignal видимо тут не обрыв а зависание сокета
HidUser0 это как?
HidUser0 может keepalive на сокет поставить поможет
orignal когда ожидание данных из сокета завершается ошибкой о закрытии
orignal я тогда все аккуратно чищу
orignal а если сокет продолжает висеть то понятное дело я так и жду
HidUser0 ну вот, keepalive включать надо на сокете значит
HidUser0 а то по дефолту он 2 часа вроде
HidUser0 в линухе
orignal не это надо делать
orignal а дубликаты адресов прибивать
orignal ну разберемся