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exokientic question...
exokientic I deleted all my i2pd files from the raspberry pi, cloned the source files from, rebuilt with debugging enabled, etc.
exokientic I have it back up and running again, with what 'should' be a fresh router....
exokientic I started out with 0 routers visible/ 0 floodfills -which obviously makes sense
exokientic but, when I go to "Local Destinations" tab...
exokientic I have a bunch of entries for BiglyBT
exokientic that look like this:
exokientic [ BiglyBT: DHT Pure ] ⇔ 7l5luqerpuhu4inmp2iaiuela7ugtgv5kat4l4ads7ahczhecnsa.b32.i2p
exokientic there is a second unique entry, that is this one:
exokientic [ BiglyBT: DHT Pure+ ] ⇔ g5cwuwmue4nlvyngp2ychiwjubxr4pbepr4qqgwimdi2vmggia3a.b32.i2p
exokientic (one is DHT Pure, on is DHT Pure+)
exokientic those are the only two 'addressess' ... but there are like 40 entries listed
exokientic just those two addresses listed back and forth
exokientic if I click into one...
exokientic each one has 6 inbound and outbound tunnels
exokientic 0 leasesets
exokientic and 0 incomming/outgoing tags
exokientic I guess I am kind of confused to see these here when I have not started BiglyBT yet...?
exokientic Blinded message
exokientic I kind of dont know why my irc connection is so flaky...
exokientic randomly disconnect every so often, fail to reconnect for 5-10 minutes...
exokientic then back again
exokientic *shrug*
exokientic I havent been able to torrent much of anything the past few days using BiglyBT/local router/postman tracker
exokientic interesting
exokientic just now
exokientic on biglyBT
exokientic Scape Error: Unkown host tracker2.postman.i2p (< 12m)
exokientic *shrug*
exokientic it has just been saying 'Connection error (timeout)'
exokientic it was working great 3-4 days ago
exokientic in the middle of the night it just stopped download/uploading, and biglybt torrenting has not recovered since
exokientic it will get a few bytes though here and there on the upload side
exokientic but nothing to speak of on download
exokientic interesting;
exokientic Connection Error (SocketException: Malformed reply from SOCKS server)
exokientic very odd, after trying many things over the past few days... ending the biglybt task from windows 10 task manager and then restarting biglybt seems to have fixed it
exokientic now there are only two entries for biglybt in local destinations
exokientic and traffic is flowing again...
exokientic I -obviously- closed and restarted biglybt many times...
exokientic very odd indeed
zlatinb it must have not exited properly. If the i2cp mappings were still present means the biglybt process was still alive
acetone Ничего себе. Рестартанул туннели через -s HUP, а линковочные туннели ирки вообще не пострадали. Я-то думал, что все туннели из tunnels.conf заново стартуют) Вот это мощь
exokientic zlatinb> it must have not exited properly. If the i2cp mappings were still present means the biglybt process was still alive -thanks!
exokientic I have noticed the biglybt launcher process was still running after "exiting" the program a few times
exokientic for example tried to move one of the files I had downlaoded through Biglybt after I had shut the program down
zlatinb last time I checked bigly was using java 1.8 which doesn't have jpackage
exokientic and I got a file still in use" error
exokientic (biglybt process was still running...)
exokientic any other good options for torrenting with an i2pd router?
exokientic I'm pretty much maxing out the processor on this little pi aleady, so I kind of need the torrent client to run remotely, and use the i2pd router by proxy
exokientic Blinded message
zlatinb I have an rpi 4 and still wouldn't run a desktop application on it
zlatinb nothing of the magnitude of biglybt or muwire, even though I build appimages for aarch64
exokientic okay then
exokientic thanks for the advice on that
exokientic is biglybt one of the better options for torrenting with an i2pd router?
zlatinb well there's also XD which I hear isn't that great and I2PSnark standalone which is good old snark
exokientic so I can run i2psnark on my local machine and tell it to use my i2pd router...?
exokientic Blinded message
exokientic remote machine...
exokientic i.e. run i2psnark on my desktop, and point it to my i2pd router in the Rpi
zlatinb i2psnark is a web app, you can run it on the pi if you like. Ofc you can also run it on the desktop
zlatinb now, if you're not interested strictly in torrenting but in filesharing in general I suggest you try muwire ( I wrote it so I'm biased lol )
exokientic :D ill give it a look
zlatinb it works fine with i2pd
zlatinb over the i2cp interface
exokientic perfect
acetone IRC logger with 2ld: major.i2p
acetone *** увлёкся ***
zlatinb acetone: круто, даже ванити сделал :)
acetone zlatinb: да, оба домена major.acetone.i2p и major.i2p - ванити)
zlatinb сколько время искались ети адреси? майор = 5 букв
acetone zlatinb: на двухядерной виртуалке ~10 секунд
exokientic thank you acetone!
exokientic I was just sitting here thinking about how I would miss responses when my connection drops out and re-connects
exokientic awesome resource
exokientic browsing through it atm
exokientic great work
acetone exokientic: thanks!
acetone now I will restart my i2pd on server, some strange with tunnels after -s HUP :(
exokientic page loads ~5 secs for me atm
exokientic single core Rpi
exokientic womp womp
acetone exokientic: if you know date, you can paste ".txt" in URL end and get plain text log
exokientic turn it off and back on again
exokientic Nice! quite useful
exokientic I have gone back through and re-read the conversations I have had in this chat MANY times
exokientic I am sure this archive will get a lot of use
exokientic exokientic> turn it off and back on again -guaranteed to fix it everytime
acetone exokientic: also check full powered search option)
exokientic you have integrated search!
exokientic **claps**
acetone exokientic: also! check real time reading mode
exokientic wow, that works well
acetone JS required so you can read chat online with Web Browser
acetone 4 minutes to i2pd restart...
exokientic roger that
exokientic wow, it updates with the latest chat replies -fast-
acetone exokientic: ~2-3 secs update time
exokientic I am impressed
exokientic that is some impressive latency over the i2p network
acetone it's crazy coding :D
exokientic page loading is quite snappy for an eepsite
acetone all it use ~20MB RAM of server
exokientic wow man
acetone C++ powered
exokientic I am constantly impressed by what can be done with such miniscule hardware
acetone Jump! I2Pd restarting... There we go
exokientic :O welcome back
acetone exokientic: wohoo
exokientic aaaaaaaand she loads :D
acetone exokientic: who?)
acetone real time reading?
exokientic just the main page major.i2p
acetone exokientic: oh nice
zzz Still looking for itoopie+i2pd beta testers
zzz java -jar itoopie.jar
RedFox zzz: what it is? Where to read about it?
zzz it's a "remote control" app that talks to the i2pcontrol interface on the router
orignal why? it sopped working?
orignal it shows some graphs
orignal that's all
RedFox Sorry for my English. I do not speak English. I am using googl translate.
zzz orignal, I did a few updates to itoopie
RedFox Thank you.
zzz no problem RedFox, maybe orignal can explain it to you in .ru
orignal RedFox короче есть поделеие на джаве
HidUser0 I've always wanted i2p work graphs, thanks
orignal рисует красивые графики на основне статистики
orignal поллит через I2PControl
orignal в общем то это все
AVATARJFVULGARDISPLAYOFPOWER zzz, do i2p mtn stuffs still function? i want to someday add some stuff
HidUser0 А я уже собирался свои скрипты для визуализации писать)
RedFox orignal: ясно, спаисбо за информацию
orignal зачем оно понадобилось счас я не знаю
orignal ну работает себе и работает
HidUser0 [16:10] <HidUser0> I've always wanted i2p work graphs, thanks
HidUser0 orignal: ну мне интересно анализировать
HidUser0 Я даж 2d гистограммы рисовал, количество транзитных туннелей к трафику
AVATARJFVULGARDISPLAYOFPOWER zzz, do i2p mtn stuffs still function? i want to someday add some stuff
zzz I don't know if our mtn server is still up. We use git now
zzz HidUser0, please test and let me know how it works
AVATARJFVULGARDISPLAYOFPOWER a mathematically strong vcs
orignal HidUser0 ну вот itoopie это самое оно
zzz thank you for the RU explanation orignal :)
HidUser0 zzz: test itoopie on i2pd? Ok
zzz thank you HidUser0
AVATARJFVULGARDISPLAYOFPOWER we were sending patch blobs via e-mail transport
AVATARJFVULGARDISPLAYOFPOWER it doesn't depend on transport layer types at all
zzz AVATARJFVULGARDISPLAYOFPOWER, I don't really care much mtn/darcs/CVS/git, it's just a tool. I'm not a git expert at all, but mtn is dead
HidUser0 When I tested I2PControl in i2p, I found that many functions are not implemented in it. So maybe something will not work
HidUser0 in i2pd*
AVATARJFVULGARDISPLAYOFPOWER shit tools are not good fundament
zzz yes HidUser0 it's very simple right now. Hopefully there are two graphs: bandwidth and tunnels
orignal zzz here is a question
orignal coming from Kazahstan
orignal to have an option to specify ports router should prefer to connect to
orignal e.g. if there is port xxx it picks routers with port xxx from netdb
AVATARJFVULGARDISPLAYOFPOWER *** trinking about money-less consensuses for storing i2p software layers ***
orignal what happens now
orignal only few ports are open
AVATARJFVULGARDISPLAYOFPOWER as just servers aren't very reliable
AVATARJFVULGARDISPLAYOFPOWER i would take a verus consensus keeper role
zzz only a few _outbound_ ports are available?
HidUser0 openjdk version "1.8.0_312"
HidUser0 OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_312-b10)
HidUser0 OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.312-b10, mixed mode)
HidUser0 zzz: is this java suitable?
orignal zzz yes
orignal so sometimes they can connect if find an extrenal router with such port
orignal but tunnel cretion ratio is low
HidUser0 Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/logging/LogFactory
zzz oops, I need to give you the installer then, not just the jar
zzz I think? will check
zzz that's a problem orignal because we pick a port ~9000-30000, that's 21000 different ports! I don't think it's going to work well
zzz how many ports are open?
orignal 3785 for example
zzz KZ has a great firewall?
orignal that's why
orignal we think
orignal how to improve it
zzz big problem
zzz if you can only talk to, say, 1% of the routers, it's going to be terrible
orignal yes, that's why the proposal
zzz even if you skip the other 99%
orignal why? ygg-only router work this way now
orignal you only care about first hop
zzz true
orignal I mean it should be one more criteria to pick first hop
orignal e.g. port from a list
zzz if you have the list ))
orignal that's another question
orignal but people are able to find it
zzz or use that Dunbas open proxy...
zzz tor with snowflake or other kinds of bridges probably a better solution
zzz because then you just use one port
orignal maybe
zzz HidUser0, windows or linux?
HidUser0 I have already downloaded the logging library, looking for where to copy it
zzz no, let me give you the full installer. there are other dependencies also
zzz java -jar itoopie-installer-beta.jar
HidUser0 that's it, it turned out to run
HidUser0 work, screenshot: 0xff.i2p/2S.png
HidUser0 zzz: But it seems he can't show uptime, network status, status
HidUser0 the graph can even be customized, very cool
AVATARJFVULGARDISPLAYOFPOWER orignal, i will sue you like tonlabs sued n durov. joking
AVATARJFVULGARDISPLAYOFPOWER <AVATARJFVULGARDISPLAYOFPOWER> orignal, i will sue you like tonlabs sued n durov. joking
HidUser0 zzz: in short, only graphs work
zzz nice screenshot!
zzz let me figure out what's wrong
HidUser0 No value is set in the I2P Control tab. Probably I2Pd does not support getting such values
zzz orignal, in i2pcontrol, you need to send the uptime in json as a long, not a string
zzz hmm. but itoopie expects the bandwidth elements to be strings.
zzz *limits
orignal thanks
orignal will fix
zzz stand by, let me research more, hold on
orignal yes, I remebeber something like this
orignal hottuna said he uses some library or something and he didn't know why
zzz I need to look at our i2pcontrol code
HidUser0 oh, I collapsed the application into the tray and the entire history of the graph was cleared
zzz interesting
zzz the _current values_ are all numbers
zzz the _settings_ are all strings
zzz I'll probably update itoopie to handle both
zzz but that's the spec
zzz HidUser0, here is a new itoopie.jar with fixes: stats.i2p/i2p/plugins/others/itoopie.jar
HidUser0 there are no errors in stdout
HidUser0 orignal: defualt bandwidth in i2pd is 48KB/s or 32KB/s?
zzz excellent
HidUser0 zzz: When collapsing with a cross, the history is cleared, is this normal?
zzz not sure, will need to research
HidUser0 And also, it seems to me that it shows the wrong bandwidth. I have `# bandwidth = L` in my config, which corresponds to `L limit bandwidth to 32KBs/sec`
orignal zzz so should I change something?
zzz yeah, I fixed it on the itoopie side, but to match the spec, make uptime a number, and all the settings should be strings
orignal will do
zzz it died on but that was the first one
RedFox Повторюсь: ограничение О (256). Как так происходит что i2p выходит за ограничения? Насколько часто он может выходить за ограничения и на долго ли? Это пока стоит 256 и превышение не большое. Я думал увеличить лимит скорости но я должен
RedFox представлять насколько может i2p его превышать.
orignal я тебе уже отвечал
orignal оно может выходить
orignal смысл ограничения в том что при его превышении новые транзитные тоннели не принимаются
RedFox В прошлый раз ответ был не понятен. Сейчас ответ понятен.